Тема: Open Source RESTful Semantic Engine

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A semantic engine is a software component that extracts the meaning of a electronic document to organize it as partially structured knowledge and not just as a piece of unstructured text content.

Current semantic engines can typically:

    * categorize documents (is this document written in English, Spanish, Chinese? is this an article that should be filed under the  Business, Lifestyle, Technology categories? ...);

    * suggest meaningful tags from a controlled taxonomy and assert there relative importance with respect to the text content of the document;

    * find related documents in the local database or on the web;

    * extract and recognize mentions of known entities such as famous people, organizations, places, books, movies, genes, ... and link the document to there knowledge base entries (like a biography for a famous person);

    * detect yet unknown entities of the same afore mentioned types to enrich the knowledge base;

    * extract knowledge assertions that are present in the text to fill up a knowledge base along with a reference to trace the origin of the assertion. Examples of such assertions could be the fact that a company is buying another along with the amount of the transaction, the release date of a movie, the new club of a football player...

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